SEO? Part 1: Choosing the Right Keywords

What is a Keyword?

Keywords, or keyword phrases,  are what you, as the web surfer, type in search engines to find a website.

Why should I care?

If you are trying to leverage the search engines for the purpose of marketing your products, services and/or information; it is pretty darn pointless to optimize your web pages for keywords that they will not search for. 

If you don’t “step into the shoes” of your ideal visitor, they will not be able to find you.

What should I do?

To attract the right visitors, use these 5 tactics to find your target audience:

  1. Consider only using 3 main types of keywords:
    1. Keywords for browsing
    2. Keywords for comparing
    3. Keywords for buying
  2. Use different keywords for each web page. Be sure the chosen keywords are relevant to their respective page’s content.
  3. Each of these web pages should have at least 200 words of visible text.
  4. Do not use one-word keywords, unless you absolutely have to. Generally, they are not very targeted, and you will end up wasting too much time and money trying to compete for the top search engine rankings on such a global scale.
  5. People who use four-word searches will more likely purchase  your products or services.

Be Aware:

If you target the wrong keywords, your website promotion efforts WILL result in a waste of time and money.


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