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What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer refers to a single-person business. Generally, a freelancer is contracted to work on a phase of a larger project. The term Freelancer is also defined as one who is self-employed or an independent contractor.

Most freelancers fall under one of these categories:

  • Part-Time
    • Maintains a daytime job
    • Works for supplemental income
    • Maintains lifestyle between main forms of employment
  • Visionary
    • Future Business Owner
    • Full time dedication
    • Easily adapts to changes
    • Learns new skills easily
  • Transitioning
    • Between main emplyment jobs
    • Works where available
    • Fills temporary voids
  • Assessed
    • Tested for compatibility.
    • Generally works on-location within a larger business.
    • Eventually becomes employed by the hiring business.



What is CrowdSourcing?

Crowdsourcing is the practice of utilizing services, ideas, or content supplied by a large community, and especially from an online network, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. This tactic is a form of outsourcing and is often used by businesses to increase efficiencies and profit margins. Crowdsourcing simply combines the efforts of numerous full-time and/or part-time workers, where each contributor adds a small portion to the greater result. Crowdsourcing differs from the classic approach to outsourcing in that the work comes from an undefined public rather than being commissioned from a specific, named group.